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Innovation and Technology

Aluminium is a material which is 100% recyclable without loss of quality. Recovery is a very important facet in the conservation of the environment.

The aluminium recycling process requires just 5% of the energy needed to produce the primary metal.

We try to create as little waste as possible during the production phase. By collaborating with a metal recycling plant, almost 100% of the waste produced is recycled and reused.

Our extrusion system consists of an extrusion press incorporating the best innovations on the market and capable of extruding 10,000 tons per year of the highest quality aluminium.

We value greatly the knowledge and experience that the people responsible for this process have acquired in the sector in addition to the initiative and new interest provided by the company.

Extruded products represent more than 50% of the aluminium products market, most of which is destined for the construction sector. This material is used principally in the profiles for windows, doors, housing structures, building facades, etc.

Aluminium is used for an infinite number of applications since the hot extrusion system allows this material to be moulded to the requirements of all types of designs and projects.

To ensure the passage of time does not take its toll on aluminium and its properties, it must be treated. Several alternatives exist for this protection.

One of the techniques most commonly-used in the sector is the coating system, which is based on spraying paint and then hardening it by exposing it to high temperatures. This procedure creates a protective layer of pigmented resin.

We offer a powder coating service as well as a treatment for providing a wood finish in any shade or texture desired.

The coating system makes it possible for all shades to be smooth or textured.

Another aluminium protection and colouring system for which we provide a service is the anode layer system. This is based on submerging the material in vats of acidic aqueous solutions and inducing a continuous electronic current, causing an electrolytic reaction which creates a protective layer with different finishes depending on the metal ion used in the process.

All the protection and colouring systems for our products follow standards and guidelines to ensure the elasticity, adhesion, thickness, sheen and corrosion resistance of the finish, passing all the required tests with flying colours.

We cover the whole of Spain and can export to any part of the international market.

Our inventory optimisation system provides a rapid response to customer demand.

One distribution channel available to us is a fleet of our own trucks to permit us to make deliveries every day and thus offer an efficient service.

We also have a sales force who bring us into continuous and direct contact with the needs of the market.

In turn, the staff in our facilities are very knowledgeable about our products and can advise the customer at all times, thus offering the best possible quality.

Through the direct contact the company maintains with the needs of the market at each of the different stages, the technical department is able to improve the performance of our products through continuous innovation of our carpentry workshops’ designs.

At the same time we can create exclusive and differentiated products adapted to the customer’s needs, offering exclusivity in these personalised designs.

At all times we comply with the regulations established by the European Union in its new Technical Building Code (CE marking) for sound insulation, sealing and ventilation.

Our new series is certified by notified laboratories independent of the company. This prevents arbitrariness in the performance of tests on our own carpentry workshops and ensures greater verification of the characteristics of our products.


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